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1 day ago

We are GIVING THANKS this November!

Join us in sharing your gratitude for those teachers, staff, bus drivers, secretaries, custodians, principals, coaches, classroom volunteers and many others who make a difference in student learning!

Add your note of appreciation here: 


Posted Comments (11/13-19):

Katie (Greiner), thank you so much for your time, compassion, and guidance so far this year! Our coaching sessions helped me so much, and your continued wisdom as my mentor is priceless. What I'm really saying is: THANKS FOR BEING YOU! – Dana Blanks

Julia (Elrath), thanks so much for guiding Sean and me through Math 7 planning so graciously! I am truly thankful :) – Dana Blanks

Sarah Meridith, Thank you for taking time during conferences to figure out how to reach our daughter and form a relationship with her. You and your team are greatly appreciated and have made the transition to SMS enjoyable! – Linda and Steve Kasprzyk

Thanks for always keeping me together Trish Winter and Tina Susic. – Sarah Pomeroy

Thanks Mike (Rupert) for all you do for our kids! Thanks for always pushing the envelope with new, exciting, and engaging projects. – Sarah Pomeroy

Thank you Betsy (Bloss) for all the support you offer my classroom. You work so hard for our kids and are an inspiration to work with. – Sarah Pomeroy

Elizabeth Bloss & Sarah Stuhr, Thanks ladies for making 5th-grade rock this year! This co-teaching model is awesome and I know it would not be successful without us being a team and on the same page! Thank you thank you for being great teammates. – Tara Dye

IB Diploma Teachers - Our kids are so lucky to have you for teachers--thank you for your added time and responsibility and expertise to help our students become the best they can be. – Nanci Morse

SHS Teachers for sharing their classrooms - Thank you for so generously sharing your spaces! – Nanci Morse

All the Bus Drivers: Alvaro, Ann. Becky, Brett, Cesar, Chelsea, Darin, Dominick, Don, Frank, Greg, Joyce, Kate, Kari, Kirsten, Lance, Linda, Lisa, Louise, Michael, Pearl, Pete, Rebecca, Rodney, Yadira - Thank You to each and every one of you for all you hints, help and driver wisdom you have shared with me. I have learned something from each of you. Thank You, what a great group of people!!! – Jeni Hinkley

Laura Karbach, What a wonderful Third Grade experience our daughter has had so far this year! Thank You for all that you do, your attention to detail, and your compassion for these young kiddos! – Sara Broughton

I want to thank the 6th grade Team of Teachers and Annie Webb, SPED, for making my daughters' transition to middle school so smooth and positive! They wake up early, eager to get to you, and they are happy and share wonderful experiences with us at home. We are so proud of their effort and attitude and we know their teachers play a big role in their happiness! So thank you for all you do every day to make middle school such a wonderful adventure for the both of them! – Kristin Abbott Myers

Crystal Miller, Thank you for giving our son room to excel and supporting the teachers to create challenging learning experiences. - Lori Walter

Ryan Gregory, My son loves school! Thanks for all the extra effort! - Lori Walter

Ryan Mihm & Trish Berry, Thanks for all the great communication and support of our son! - Lori Walter

Ryan (Burr), You have always put building relationships with kids first. You inspire so many people by who you are and the Summit Foundation is recognizing you as Outstanding Educator. See messages from some old DVE friends at: - Joe Johnson

Ryan Gregory- Thank you for helping me grow as a teacher and as a person. It is truly great to work alongside not just an innovative and creative teacher but also a great friend. – Hunter Frutchey

Rachel Draheim & Josh Fladung, Thank you for all the amazing and helpful support you give our students. I'm grateful that I get to work with you. – Julie Thebeau

Lizzy Savage, Thank you for all you do ! You support and help our students and staff in many different ways and always have a smile on your face.  – Julie Thebeau

Christie Miller & Linda Doran, You both are always so helpful and handle whatever comes your way in the clinic. Thanks for all you do! – Julie Thebeau

SHS and SMS STAFF, I am so grateful. Not only as a staff member, but also as a parent, I am thankful for all that you do. You are the personification of "The Energy Bus" (book by Jon Gordon, I am currently reading) I am inspired as a teacher and grateful as a parent for all you do~to help our students feel like they can are genuine, you are accessible & you are encouraging! – Karen Fischer

Thank you to all of the fabulous staff at DVE. I've seen all three of my girls learn and grow over the years!! – Jenni Riberdy

Thank you to the staff and teachers at Summit Cove for being incredibly welcoming and kind and thank you for all of the amazing work you do for our students! – Julie Anderson

Jennifer Arias, Thank you for helping Elsa blossom in your class this year. She has developed greater confidence in herself and appreciates your introverted, reflective, and supportive teaching style. Your dedication to helping students achieve is remarkable. – Hollyanna Bates

Kelly Finley, I don't know what we'd do without you! Thank you for answering so many questions and helping us navigate Elsa's semester away. Your expert advice and support has been invaluable. – Hollyanna Bates

SMS Staff, Thank you ALL for being so incredibly helpful, supportive, and inspirational!!! You are WONDERFUL! Thank you for making SMS such a welcoming and positive community! #goodvibesSMS - Katie Greiner

Vickie Ragle, Thanks for being such an amazing and helpful co teacher!!! I love working with you!!!  Katie Greiner

Heidi Avery, Thank you for being a wonderful 8th grade math teacher! You are always so supportive and helpful!!! I LOVE working with you! You inspire me! -Katie Greiner

FRE Staff, Thank you everyone for welcoming me into your school family :) – Lisa Monroe

Thanks to Lynn (Krystopa) for always being so generous and kind about sharing her art supplies. – Emily Galvin

Mary Smith-Wasserman, Thanks for being part of our 2nd grade three legged stool! We make a good team. – Emily Galvin

Thank you Carol (Clark), for being such a strong leg of our 3 legged 2nd grade stool. Good teamwork! – Emily Galvin

Tara Dye, Thank you for all the relevant posts to our EAT. – Emily Galvin

Patricia Falgueras del Alamo, Gracias por tu paciencia con mis estudiantes. – Emily Galvin

Ben Lausten, Thanks for your sustained support of students and teachers across the county. You are a tremendous asset to the district and I appreciate you! – Kewanna Cigales

Thank you, Cathy (Amsbaugh), for helping me and guiding me through the Gifted World! You are truly an expert and l am so grateful for your support! – Mary Kraatz

Joyce Grieser, You make our day run smoothly! Thank you for your efforts in tying together all the loose ends between drivers, students, and parents. We know your plate is full and we appreciate your time and advice, which is always given in a kind, respectful, and polite manner. – Ann Hough

Katie Garvert, Thank you for always being there for students in need and for helping students keep a positive attitude during assessments! – Amy Poppie

Lisa Ferguson, Thank you for always being my trampoline to bounce ideas off of. Thank you for your honesty and support. And thank you for being an inspiration for how to live a beautiful and generous life. – Lara West

Susan Maar, Thank you for all of our fabulous co-ing conversations and your support of every student at SVE. I so enjoy working with you! – Michelle Bartelt

Melissa Baumann, thanks for helping me through – Karen Tosetti Scott

Robyn Cornwell, I am so thankful for Robyn's perspective and expertise. My class flows more efficiently, students are more engaged and learning is higher. I am so grateful for Robyn and her wealth of knowledge that she has shared with me. – Tai Sposato

Laura Llado, Yessenia Infante and Michelle Sellers,  Thanks for always working together and making Kindergarten so much fun to teach and for our students to learn. I love all of the new ideas. We have the best team ever!! – Cindy Sherve

Sarah Pomeroy, 4th Grade was the best ever with you! – Dillon Butson

Robert (Allen) is so helpful and friendly every time I see him. Thank you so much for your service and wonderful attitude around the school Robert! – Kathy Butson

Jodi Owens & Jackie Koetteritz, Thank you for all you do for the fourth graders at UBE. My son Beck loves school and his teachers inspire him. He couldn't stop talking about a recent field trip to the Colorado History Museum and he loves working on his realistic fiction story. Thanks ladies!! – Courtney Laszlo

Danielle Root, Thank you for taking the time to know your students and provide them with exactly what they need to succeed! – Erica Larson

Toni Napolitano, Thank you for providing Eli with an amazing learning opportunity that he will never forget! – Erica Larson

All the Staff at Transportation, You are the greatest! You are up before the sun, in freezing temps, you endure the traffic, and with all that you have to do to keep our children safe you do it with smiles! You are truly the best of the best!! – Lisa Casey

Yetis (SPHS Staff), I cannot express how thankful I am to work with such outstanding educators. The SSD mission statement challenges us to do "whatever it takes" to help our students see success, and you fulfill this commitment to our kids each and every day. I wish you the best this week as you relax and celebrate with your family and friends. Thanks for Being Legendary! – James Smith

Thank you SVE staff for all your passion and dedication to our students and families. It has been my pleasure to watch all of you work so diligently and care for our students. Thank you for all you do! – Carey Williams

I appreciate Taylor (Lathrop's) problem solving efforts. She persists and communicates through new technology challenges until a working solution arrives! Thank you so much for your support and dedication. – Julenne Moore

Thank you Bruce (Buehner) for being so responsive and helpful with technology needs. I appreciate all your efforts in making things run smoothly! – Julenne Moore