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BUILDING VISION 2020 is our name for the extensive master facilities planning process underway in Summit School District. We are creating 21st century learning environments aligned to the District’s Strategic Plan, VISION 2020, by rethinking and re-designing classrooms and school work spaces. We are committed to ensuring that all of our schools and facilities are well-maintained and physically safe and secure.

Summit School District passed a Mill Levy and Bond Initiative in November 2016 to address critical capital construction, technology and maintenance needs.

The $1.8 million mill levy will provide necessary operating funds for the district to pay for the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the district’s schools buildings. Proceeds of the mill levy will also be used for improvements to instructional technology infrastructure and access.

The $68.9 million bond will address critical repairs and upgrades to existing school facilities. Among the projects that will be tackled include replacement of leaking roofs, updating heating, electrical and plumbing systems and addressing other high priority building needs. Funding will also be used to improve the accessibility for students, staff and visitors with disabilities; update safety, security and emergency response systems in each school; and address enrollment growth and overcrowding at both Summit Middle School and Summit High School.

With construction costs continuing to rise and borrowing costs near historic lows, it makes sense for the district to address its highest priority facility needs sooner rather than later. Summit School District completed a comprehensive Master Facility Plan (MFP), with assistance from Wold Architects. The MFP identifies and prioritizes the district’s facility needs at its existing school buildings. Four categories of building deficiencies were established, ranging from Priority 1 to Priority 4. Current and projected enrollment growth was also analyzed to identify instructional space needs at each school. Lastly, safety and security and instructional technology needs were evaluated.

The mill levy and bond are expected to provide many benefits to students and our community, including:
• Protecting and maintaining the district’s assets, and extending their useful life
• Ensuring high quality learning environments for Summit County children and youth
• Improving safety and security for students and staff at all buildings district-wide
• Extending the useful life of the district’s eight school buildings and reducing costly emergency school closures and repairs.
• Addressing overcrowding at Summit Middle School and Summit High School
• Improving accessibility to buildings and classrooms for persons with disabilities.
• Creating 21st century learning environments that leverage instructional technology and provide more opportunities for
collaborative learning
• Providing every student access to media-rich instructional technology
• Protecting property values

Annual audits and project updates will be posted on the district’s website. The district will also host community update meetings to provide project updates.
Summit School District has launched the Design Phase of "BUILDING VISION 2020." Each school has selected a group of staff and parents to provide input and direction on capital construction and building expansion efforts.

Watch for updates in the weeks ahead. @summitk12 #BuildingVISION2020
Design Input Process Diagram