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Parent Safety and Security Letter - February 19
February 19, 2018

Dear Summit School District Parents and Families,

As we return to school this week, we are troubled and saddened by the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Members of our school community, like so many others across the nation, extend our heartfelt condolences to the students, teachers and community members impacted by this event. We have attached guidance for parents from the Colorado School Safety Resource Center on talking with your children about this school shooting.

This tragedy also reminds us of the critical importance of our partnership with students and families in keeping our schools safe. Please take a moment to review these safety and security protocols with your student, and don’t hesitate to contact your school principal with questions or concerns.

Communication is key to keeping our schools safe and is important at all stages of a safety incident. It is important when students see, hear or interact with other students about something that concerns them (at school, outside of school or over social media) that the student reports it to a trusted adult. These adults could be teachers, school staff members, principals, police officers or you, their parents. The types of critical information we are looking for include anything referencing the potential for violence, a threat to school safety or acts that could result in serious physical or mental harm.

Similarly, for parents, we ask that if you are made aware of a safety or security concern, either through your student sharing or some other means, that you make the first step of reporting that concern to either school principals, teachers or the appropriate law enforcement agency. Staff are trained to respond to safety concerns promptly and will involve law enforcement as needed.
In the event of an emergency, our school and district have safety measures in place, including:

-Locked vestibules, doors and perimeter safety
-Lockdown and evacuation plans
-Visitor management policies
-Security cameras in strategic places
-Coordination with emergency responders
-Communication via text, email and voice call with families and community members

We encourage you to take a few minutes to discuss our safety plans with your student(s) and remind them of the importance of sharing any safety or security concerns with you, school staff members, or through other safety reporting channels:

-Safe2Tell anonymous tip line for students at 1-877-542- SAFE (1-877-542-7233)
-Local law enforcement or 9-1-1
-Report to a School Resource Officer on site daily at Summit Middle School/Snowy Peaks or Summit High School

Thank you for your support and partnership as we work together to keep our schools safe and maintain a positive learning environment for every one of our students. If you have any questions about our school safety plans, please feel free to contact us.
Staff Members