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Strategic Plan


Summit School District prepares caring, courageous, community-minded people who create a better world.


Summit School District creates a safe learning community in which each and every person belongs, grows and thrives.


Summit School District Values...

  1. Equity
  2. Collaboration
  3. Curiosity
  4. Innovation


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Areas of Focus

Summit School District is committed to a broad definition of student success outlined in the Summit School District Graduate Profile and a diverse set of pathways to learning and graduation.

Summit School District partners with their community and families to enhance learning and support student success.

Summit School District builds equitable learning experiences and environments that honor and build upon each and every student's cultural and personal identity. 

Graduate Profile

Take informed risks‚ persevere through challenges‚ and advocate for the needs of themselves and others

Ask questions‚ think critically‚ and solve problems using a variety of strategies

Participate in local and global communities‚ embrace different cultures‚ welcome the perspectives of others‚ and communicate effectively across lines of difference

Remain flexible and open to possibilities‚ adapt in changing circumstances‚ and pursue passions

Are academically prepared‚ socially and emotionally intelligent‚ and financially ready

Strategic Plan Milestones: Year One


Academic & Personal Success 

Click on each team to see the milestones.



Successes as of May 9

  • Representative Taskforce meetings, feedback, recommendations

  • Implementation Team work

  • Drafted Vision, Mission, Definition, Inquiry Questions (Tool) 

  • Equity employment Interview questions

  • Recruitment/Retention plan draft 

  • ECT Equity Trainings

  • ECT deconstruct Equity Policy

Expected successes June 30

  • Mission, Vision, Definition, Inquiry Questions finalized

  • Final Draft of Ungendered Restroom/Locker room policy ready for BOE action

  • Draft of 2022-2023 overall plan (Task Force Recommendations, PD plan, dress code policy)


Family & Community Partnerships

Successes as of May 9

  • Gave voice to some community stakeholders, but not all participated 

  • Identified community-perceived gaps with family engagement, communication and ongoing input

  • Developed recommendations for key funding neutral priorities

Expected successes June 30

  • Finalize key initiatives, programming & ongoing engagement strategies

  • Activate internal and external stakeholders for further exploration and implementation