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“The Board of Education is thrilled to select Dr. Tony Byrd as Summit School District’s new Superintendent,” shared Kate Hudnut, Board president. “He brings a wealth of academic and leadership expertise, compassion and insight that will benefit the growth of students, staff and the greater Summit County community. He models the attributes of a lifelong learner and the priorities outlined in our Graduate Profile.” 

Summit School District Superintendent Finalist Selection Announced

Summit School District announced the selection of Dr. Tony Byrd to become the next Superintendent. During a public Board meeting on Tuesday, March 15, the Board of Education discussed candidates’ interviews and observations of their strengths and compatibility with the District.
Dr. Byrd’s expansive experience models SSD’s Graduate Profile and is aligned with the Strategic Plan focus areas: Academic & Personal Success, Equity Seeking Systems and Family & Community Partnerships. 

Dr. Byrd possesses a strong history of academic advancement and success as the associate superintendent of curriculum and assessment of Everett Washington Public Schools, assistant superintendent of student learning in Edmonds Washington School District and extensive experience in the nonprofit sector.

Throughout his interviews with community stakeholders and the Board of Education, Dr. Byrd emphasized the importance of relationships, his experience in instructional leadership, and a commitment to strategic partnerships which unify the community for the overall wellness of students, teachers and staff. 

Pending contract acceptance and Board of Education approval on March 24, 2022, Dr. Tony Byrd could begin his new role in Summit County on July 1, 2022.