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preschool kids having sensory play in classroom

About the SSD Preschool Program

Supporting All Children

We are an integrated preschool program and are dedicated to meeting the needs of all children.  We understand that all children benefit from the opportunity to interact with similar age peers and to learn about their world in a high quality inclusive early learning environment.

We provide special education and related services to preschool-aged children who have been identified with an educational disability. If eligible, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) will describe which special education and related services are required for a young learner to be successful in preschool. These services may include:

  • specialized instruction from an early childhood special education teacher
  • specialized instruction from a speech language pathologist
  • related services from an occupational therapist or physical therapist

The identification of an education disability begins with an appointment with the Child Find team.  Children may be referred to Child Find for a developmental screening by a teacher, parent, doctor, or other agency.  Information gathered during the developmental screening process will help us to determine if further assessment is needed to determine eligibility for preschool special education. If eligible, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) will be developed with specific goals to address the child's specific needs.  All special education services and related services are provided at no cost to the family.

To schedule a Developmental Screening appointment, please contact the Child Find Coordinator at

Tuition Assistance

We don't want the cost of preschool to deter families from enrolling!

Families who qualify for and are offered a slot in our preschool program, may receive tuition assistance to cover some, or even all, of their child's preschool tuition costs.  

To help simplify the process, families are able to see if they qualify for one or more of these programs directly through the online School District Preschool Application, no need to submit separate applications for these programs.

Our Preschool Program partners with:


Preschool Contact

Kristin Sposato:
970-368-1022 (office)
970-333-4058 (cell)

To schedule a Developmental Screening appointment, please contact the Child Find Coordinator Tricia King at

Pay Preschool Tuition


  • Enter in the student number which is the numbers after the school abbreviation
  • Enter in the amount you owe