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Welcome to the homepage of the English Language Development Program in Summit School District!

Our staff is committed to ensuring that English Language Learners in Summit Schools receive access to excellent educational and life experiences. English Language Learners and their families participate in challenging and meaningful academic, elective, and community-based activities.


about 1 month ago

District English Language Development Staff

Rita Tracy

Language Development & Equity Coordinator 

Liz Strempke

Director of Elementary Education 

Lana McLaughlin

Director of Secondary Education 



Building Contacts

Elementary Schools       

Breckenridge Elementary School                                   

Kelly Ahern                                                                                                                                                           

ELD Program Specialist

Dillon Valley Elementary

Sarah Adkins

ELD Program Specialist

Shelly Martinez

ELD Program Specialist

Frisco Elementary School

Jen Wescott

ELD Program Specialist

Silverthorne Elementary School

Susan Maar

ELD Program Specialist

Liz Mcfarland

ELD Program Specialist

Summit Cove Elementary School

Kristin Myers

ELD Program Specialist

Upper Blue Elementary School

Sheri Daigler

ELD Program Specialist

Secondary Schools 

Summit Middle School

Bethann Huston

ELD Program Specialist

Lindsey Daniels

ELD Program Specialist

Mary Lockard

ELD Program Specialist

Summit High School

Jill Heil

ELD Program Specialist

Tessa Rathjen

ELD Program Specialist

Jonathan Mocatta

ELD Program Specialist


Request an Interpreter or Document Translation

2 months ago

Please complete this Interpreter Request Form to request an interpreter at an school meeting or event. 

Please contact Angelica Mascarenas immediately at (970) 368-1027 with any meeting changes or cancellations. 

Document Translation Requests Must Include:
  • School
  • Requester Name
  • Phone Number
  • Requested Return Date
  • Title of Document/ Request Description
  • All documents must be sent in editable format (e.g., Word, Google Docs). No scanned PDFs.
Please provide at least two days for document translations; additional days for large documents. 
Please email your requests to 

ELD Resources

2 months ago