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2024 Facilities Plan

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2024 Bond Initiative Community Feedback-The Future is in Our Public Schools

As Summit School District prepares to ensure a strong future for our students and community, we are gathering feedback from our community as we consider a 2024 bond initiative that will continue the district's commitment to academic excellence, safety and accountability. 

The areas we are exploring and looking to prioritize investment include:

  • Protecting community assets by performing critical building maintenance improvements including plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems.
  • Preparing students for in-demand careers of the future, including skilled trades, cyber-security and technology, and healthcare. 
  • Expanding high-quality learning environments for students, teachers, and staff. 
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2024 Bond Proposal

Summit School District has developed a Facilities Master Plan to identify and address the investments needed for the school district to provide high-quality educational learning for students and teachers, safe and secure school buildings, critical building maintenance and improvements, housing for teachers and staff, and other investments to address student’s needs.

The district is considering a bond proposal to finance these improvements and is developing a detailed list of projects and costs that will be shared with the community over the coming months. The district is seeking feedback from community members about the proposal and the facilities needs and will share that information with the Board of Education before a decision is made to put a question on the ballot.  

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Fiscal Responsibility & A Strong Return on Investment

The quality of our public schools has a significant impact on economic growth, workforce development, public safety, the quality of our service industry property values and so much more. Summit School District continues to outpace the state in growth and student achievement and has one of the highest graduation rates in our area, at 90.8%.

The district also has a history of strong financial management and fiscal stewardship. This accountability to taxpayers includes an annual audit that is posted on the district’s web site at for the public to review. The district has a strong record of successfully using its previous bond approvals to maintain facilities and provide safe instructional spaces.

The 2016 voter-approved bond allowed the district to make significant improvements in its schools resulting in a lower Facilities Condition Index (FCI)  for all of the district’s schools. Higher FCI numbers represent buildings that need significant improvements or even replacement. In addition to the success of the 2016 bond program, the district is in the final year of paying its 2004 bonds. Paying these bonds on schedule will result in a reduction of about $3.7 million in district taxes next year. Paying these bonds on schedule and removing that bond payment from the district’s annual budget has provided the opportunity to present the community with the 2024 bond proposal to address the most critical facility and instructional needs.


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Strong & Resilient Communities:

With the community’s help, the district can provide Summit County students with the most innovative educational experience in rural Colorado. A significant piece of the district’s proposal is to invest in Career and Technical Education to provide students with successful pathways to enter our local workforce with job-ready skills. The 2024 proposal includes providing instructional spaces that will focus on the skills that our local employers want and need the most. The district will dedicate a building and expand classes and services to align our students with the employers and community partners that provide jobs in these sectors. This will ensure that all students can reach the peak of educational excellence and graduate with a clear pathway to their future.

2024 Bond Considerations

*The district’s 2024 bond proposal includes three categories: Facilities, Program and Community support.

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Facilities Support for Safe & High-Quality Learning Environments

  • School Building Needs and Critical Maintenance: Addressing the physical spaces where learning comes to life and ensuring they are conducive to the evolving educational demands. 

    • Perform critical building maintenance and replace outdated HVAC systems, roofs, electrical and plumbing systems, and kitchen equipment.

    • Provide additional space for student mental health support and other services to ensure healthy students and safe classroom environments. 

    • Provide infrastructure and construction of school buildings to address structural compliance (Breckenridge Elementary) and support our values of community schools with small classroom sizes. Breckenridge Elementary is the oldest school in the district and has the most significant and pressing structural issues. The school’s Facility Condition Index (FCI) increased to 75.5 percent, putting it into a severely deficient category. This FCI rating supports the consideration of replacing the school.

  • School Safety and Security Improvements: The district has a commitment to providing a safe environment for our students, teachers and staff. Work done using the 2016 voter-approved bond allowed significant investments in secure entrances and security technology. The 2024 bond would continue the district’s commitment by making additional upgrades to security technology and internet connectivity.

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Program Support for Future-Ready Students

  • Provide the education that today’s students will need for tomorrow’s jobs and careers, including access to Future-Ready Pathways such as Skilled Trades; Business, Marketing, & Entrepreneurship; Computer Science; Engineering & Advanced Manufacturing; Health Sciences; Natural Resources and Outdoor Leadership.

  • Develop a districtwide innovation center to create high-quality, hands-on classrooms for career and technical education that will open pathways for employment across the central mountains. 

  • Snowy Peaks provides a student-focused approach to education that transforms lives, and that success is shown through its 100 percent graduation rate. The district has an opportunity to reimagine Snowy Peaks classrooms and infrastructure to support Future-Ready Pathways in an Innovation Center that will support all middle school and high school students and provide hands-on learning experiences while maintaining the unique culture of Snowy Peaks and Summit High School.

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Community Support for Strong & Resilient Communities

  • Employee Housing: Utilize district-owned properties to provide affordable housing options for teachers and staff in order to recruit and retain top talent within our community. 

  • Student Success Center: Partner with community organizations to expand critical resource access for students and families that advance academic achievement and success.


The Summit School District is considering a maximum bond amount of $267 million. This amount would increase property taxes approximately $259 per year, less than $22 per month, for a $1 million value home within the district. This bond proposal represents a significant investment in advancing the future of our students and community. 

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