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Dedicated Spaces for Career and Technical Education: Future-Ready Students, Job-Ready Skills

Our investment in Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs equips students with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in today's competitive job market. The potential SSD bond will provide state-of-the-art facilities and resources that prepare students for high-demand careers in various industries. 

 Career & Technical Education Innovation Center

Develop a facility to support exceptional learning environments with high-quality, hands-on classrooms for career and technical education (CTE) that will open pathways for employment in high-demand jobs locally and statewide. The center will elevate core content and  provide students with skills and certifications that are in high demand in the local job market, connecting them to well-paying jobs and post-secondary educational opportunit

  • Develop a new 23,000 sq ft facility with 10 additional classroom/labs to support exceptional learning environments with high-quality, hands-on classrooms for career and technical education (CTE).
  • Remodel existing spaces to support improvement of existing CTE programming.
  • Develop a new 31,000 sq ft facility to relocate Snowy Peaks Jr/Sr High on the SHS site in order to increase access to CTE and Pathways Learning.
Estimated Cost: 

28M investment in CTE Innovation Center
$32M investment in new facility for Snowy Peaks

Duration of Project:
Planning and construction is estimated to be approximately 18- 24 months.

Students get hands on skill saw experience through SHS Careers in Construction

In 2024, 424 students enrolled in at least one concurrent enrollment class, earning 4,785 credits and saving $478,500 in college tuition.

Future-Ready Pathways 

The time is ripe for us to envision and deliver educational experiences that will propel students in Summit County into postsecondary options, benefiting not just our county, but the state, the country, and the world. The workforce needs students who are courageous, curious, globally minded, growth-oriented, and prepared (academically, socially, emotionally, and financially). With its AAA bond rating and exceptional staff, Summit School District is poised to make this vision a reality.

Your community investment can build a Career and Technical Education Innovation Center.

Summit School District Future-Ready Pathways:

  • Healthcare

  • Business/Marketing/Entrepreneurship

  • Computer Science

  • Advanced Manufacturing/Engineering

  • Skilled Trades

  • Natural Resources/Outdoor Leadership

  • Human Services & Education

SSD Graduates

Tangible Benefits

Concurrent Enrollment/ASCENT: College-level courses are offered on the high school campus or through a higher education institution, including our partners at Colorado Mountain College/ASCENT (Accelerating Students through Concurrent Enrollment) allows qualified high school seniors to take a year of college classes tuition-free at Colorado Mountain College. Participants remain enrolled in SSD during this year. These aren’t just any credits; they’re a leap toward your. post-secondary degree, offering a head start that can lead to significant savings.

Industry Certifications: An industry certification validates the knowledge base and skills that show mastery in a particular industry.. It is recognized by businesses and industries at the local, state, or national level. It could be an assessment, examination, or license administered and recognized by an industry third party or governing board. Industry certificates measure competency in an occupation.

Work-based Learning Opportunities: Dive into real-world experiences tailored to your chosen pathway with work-based learning experiences such as paid internships. Through SSD’s extensive network of industry partners, students gain invaluable insights and hands-on experience and make industry connections.
Content Credit for traditionally elective courses: Students will receive content credit for math, science, reading/writing/communications in pathway courses where they are applying standards based learning in these areas. Examples: If a student is taking a health sciences class they may receive science credit. In business and marketing students may receive credit for reading/writing/communications.

Investing in the future of our students through the development of a new Career & Technical Education (CTE) facility at Summit High School is a testament to our commitment to providing equitable, high-quality educational opportunities. This state-of-the-art building, in conjunction with the reconstruction of Snowy Peaks, will empower all SSD students by elevating core content, offering expanded access to career-focused programs, enhancing their readiness for post-secondary success. Together, we are not only building facilities but also constructing brighter futures for every SSD student, fostering an environment where academic and personal success is within reach for all. Join us in supporting this vital initiative and shaping a prosperous future for our community.

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Colorado's First Dual Mission College
CMC was officially designated as Colorado's first dual-mission institution in 2021. Dual mission colleges and universities offer a blend of certificate programs and associate degrees as well as bachelor's degrees under one roof. They recognize that today's learners need and want a mix of liberal arts and hands-on career skills training.

CMC Honored to be a Hispanic Serving Institution

The federal government designated Colorado Mountain College as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) in 2021 after years of deliberate efforts to grow CMC's student body to be 25% or more Latino. The HSI designation means the college is now eligible for additional grant funding that benefits all students.  Learn more about the Hispanic Serving Institution designation

Community and Workforce Alignment

Students have expressed a desire for more choice in their learning, hands-on experiences, and internships. Through experiential opportunities, education is evolving beyond traditional classroom settings, fostering creativity, deep understanding, and critical thinking. Community leaders are eager to collaborate with students, creating a robust, integrated learning environment.