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Critical Maintenance

Summit School District Critical Building Maintenance and Infrastructure Upgrades: Ensuring Safe & High-Quality Learning Environments


Protecting Community Assets: Replacing outdated, inefficient mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems will extend the useful life of our school buildings, reduce costly emergency repairs, and improve energy efficiency, saving taxpayer dollars.
2024 Bond By the Numbers

Strategic Initiatives:

The SSD Bond will enable us to protect and maintain our community’s assets investing in safe and high-quality learning environments by addressing building safety, essential repairs, security technology, and internet connectivity. Upgrading existing spaces, including HVAC systems, roofs, restrooms, athletic spaces, kitchen equipment, and providing additional space for student mental health support and other services.

  1. Building Safety and Maintenance:
    • Address critical repairs to roofs, HVAC systems, restrooms, and other essential facilities.

    • Upgrade kitchen equipment and athletic spaces.

  2. Safety and Security Improvements:
    • Implement advanced security technology.
    • Enhance safety measures across all schools.
  3. Infrastructure Upgrades:
    • Improve internet connectivity and technology infrastructure.

    • Ensure buildings are equipped to support modern educational needs.
  4. Support Services:
    • Provide additional space for student mental health support and other essential services.


Estimated Cost: 



 Breckenridge Elementary: Future Forward Learning

breckenridge elementary front of building
Breckenridge Elementary, the oldest school in our district, faces significant structural challenges. With a Facility Condition Index (FCI) of 75.5%, it is categorized as severely deficient. Specifically, the building is no longer to code and requires a new roof and contains asbestos. These factors necessitate action to ensure a safe and conducive learning environment for our students in the future. The proposed bond will fund the construction of Breckenridge Elementary, ensuring future-forward learning opportunities and preserving the central, community-focused environment that our families value while minimizing disruption during reconstruction.
 The Proposed Bond recommends new construction of Breckenridge Elementary to build a 40,000 sq ft school with a minimium capacity of 264 students K-5.
Estimated Cost: