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Summit School District Workforce Housing Proposal: A Pathway to Teacher Retention and Student Success

 Summit School District (SSD) recognizes the critical need for affordable housing to recruit and retain quality educators. The proposed 2024 SSD Bond aims to address these challenges by developing up to 60 housing units on district-owned land. This initiative is a strategic effort to enhance educational outcomes by providing secure and stable housing for teachers and staff.

Estimated Cost: 


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  1. Teacher Recruitment and Retention:

    • 14% Turnover Rate: Among teachers due to unaffordable housing.

    • 40% Turnover Rate: Among support staff, significantly impacting school operations.

    • Affordable housing is a proven retention strategy, reducing turnover and stabilizing the learning environment for students.

  2. Current Market Conditions:
    • The high cost of living in Summit County makes it challenging for educators to find affordable housing.

    • Housing Affordability Gap: The median home price requires an income of $456,183.

Project Goals and Guiding Principles
  1. Housing Stability: Provide resources and support to retain staff in existing housing.

  2. New Housing Opportunities: Develop entry-level rentals, first-time homeownership options, and middle-income housing.

Guiding Principles:
  • Align with Staff Needs: Target housing solutions to current and future employee needs.

  • Affordability: Ensure housing costs do not exceed 30% of monthly income.

  • Sustainability: Prioritize long-term, impactful initiatives.

  • Growth Opportunities: Integrate housing with professional and personal development.

  • Employee Engagement: Inclusive and equitable housing policies reflecting diverse needs.

Proposed Site and Development Plans

  1. Summit Education Center / Old Silverthorne Elementary:

    • Development Potential: Up to 91 units | Phase one envisions 60 For Rent units

    • Advantages: In-town living, proximity to services, and cost-efficient development.


Conceptual Site plan at Old Silverthorne Elementary ntis and retaining soccer field at location


Implementation Plan

  1. Immediate Actions:

    • Develop Summit Education Center Site: Start with 60 rental units to meet urgent needs.

    • Partnerships: Collaborate with local governments, housing authorities, and developers to leverage resources.

  2. Long-term Strategies:
    • Phased Development: Expand housing units over 5-10 years to meet growing needs.

    • Community Engagement: Continuous input from stakeholders to refine and adapt the plan.

Measures of Success:
  • Housing Inventory: Increase the number of units available for staff.

  • Recruitment and Retention: Improved statistics reflecting stable employment.

  • Student Success: Enhanced educational outcomes linked to stable teaching staff.

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Summit School District is committed to creating sustainable housing solutions that support our educators and, in turn, our students. By investing in workforce housing, we invest in the future of our community. Estimated Cost: $46M investment in district staff rental housing to address the immediate need for housing to recruit and retain high-quality teachers and staff.

For more information, visit Summit School District Housing Master Plan.