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Healthy Choices
All of us in the Summit School District (SSD) community care deeply about the health and safety of our children. We are committed to working with parents and community members in providing a safe learning environment, comprehensive health education, and prevention and intervention programs that promote healthy choices. Summit School District strategically partners with county organizations to implement current research and best practices in our schools.

Summit School District is focused on developing a more comprehensive system to support the social and emotional health of all students. SSD is committed to not only the cessation of substance use, but addressing the root causes through strategic and preventative measures. We believe that nurturing the whole child, not just the symptoms, is critically important by blending curriculum and resources in Social and Emotional, Mental and Behavioral Health, and substance programming.
Healthy Kids CO Survey
Healthy Kids CO Survey
The Healthy Kids Colorado Survey (HKCS) is a biennial, comprehensive survey targeting the well-being of our youth to better understand youth health and the factors that help young people make healthy choices.