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2023-24 School Year Respiratory Virus Guidance

Summit School District would like to inform you of the COVID-19 guidance updates. 

While the CDC has developed more understanding through significant, in-depth research on COVID-19 and other viruses, there are new tools to the Respiratory Virus Guidance including isolation. 

Please see the following for current CDC recommendations:
• If sick with a respiratory virus, stay home and away from others
• If symptoms improve within 24 hours from the onset of illness without the use of fever-reducing medicine (if fever was present), return to normal activities
• Once you resume to normal activities, take precaution for the next 5 days to curb disease spread such as:
-Take more steps for cleaner air
-Enhancing hygiene practices
-Wearing a well-fitting mask
-Keeping a distance from others
-Getting testing to inform your actions to prevent spread to others

Core Illness Prevention strategies include:
• Staying up to date with vaccination 
Practicing good hand hygiene by covering coughs and sneezes, washing or sanitizing hands often, and cleaning frequently touched surfaces
Taking steps for cleaner air, such as bringing in more fresh air, purifying indoor air, or gathering outdoors when applicable

Please refer to the CDC guidance for the school setting HERE for further reading and guidance.

Please familiarize yourself with the Summit School District illness policy. To do so, refer to the How Sick is Too Sick guidance for more information:
How Sick is Too Sick English
How Sick is Too Sick Spanish