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District Insurance Information: Plan Year Dates: 

(September 1, 2020 - August 31, 2021)

DISCOUNTED RATES AT CENTURA FACILITIES. The Health Benefits Committee announces an enhanced benefit to employees and covered dependents enrolled in District Health Insurance. Effective 9/1/15 covered members will receive improved discounts for Facility services provided by Centura Health Network Providers.  Discounts will be applied to services such as MRI's, ER Services, Mammograms, etc. 

Open Enrollment:  

Open Enrollment for the 2020-21 school year will be August 1-26, 2020. Please check your district email address for additional information. 

PROOF OF INSURANCE - Cigna will mail out cards to new members.  

BENEFIT CHANGES (Qualifying Events):
Please contact Hanna Waugh in Human Resources at or call (970) 368-1016 if you have had a qualifying event and wish to make changes to your benefits outside of the open enrollment period.

Please reference Benefits Guide above for further information and contact details. 

HSA OAP Plan Coverage Summary

Healthy Measures OAP Plan Coverage Summary

Administered by Cigna
Group Number: 3340975

Phone: 1-800-MYCIGNA24


Please reference Benefits Guide above for further information and contact details. 

Dental Summary

Dental Claim Form

Administered by Cigna

Group Number: 3340975

Phone: 1-800-MYCIGNA24


Please reference Benefits Guide above for further information and contact details. 

Vision Plan Summary

Administered by Cigna

Group Number: 3340975

Phone: 1-800-MYCIGNA24

Cigna One Guide 

Employee benefits advocacy service.

Cigna One Summary

 Cigna One Guide will: 
  • Easily understand the basics of health coverage
  • Resolve health care issues
  • Save time and money
  • Get the most out of your plan
  • Find the right hospitals, dentists and other health care providers in your plan's network
  • Get cost estimates
  • Understand your bills
  • Navigate the health care system
  • Get answers on any other questions you may have about the pan or provider networks available to you. 


Phone: 888-806-5042 or 800-244-6224


Please see Benefits Guide above.

Healthcare and Dependent Care

Administered by Rocky Mountain Reserve

You can carry over $500 of unused healthcare FSA money into the new plan year (from the current plan year).

FSA Summary

Flex Spending User Guide

Employer ID: RMRSMSD 

Click for information on eligible expenses for Dependent Care and Health Care.   



Phone: 888-722-1223


Please see Benefits Guide above.

Administered by HealthEquity

Phone: 866-346-5800


Administered by Cigna

Pharmacy Summary


Phone: 1-800-MYCIGNA24


Administered by Cigna



EAP personal advocates will work with you and your household family members to help you resolve issues you may be facing, connect you with the right mental health professionals, direct you to a variety of helpful resources in your community and more. 

Free Confidential Services. 
The EAP staff is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for counseling,
consultation, and referrals. 



Or log in to - Have your employer ID handy: summitschooldistrict 


Cigna administers the District Wellness Program. 

Cigna activities include the deductible reimbursement health screenings, incentive opportunities 

Deductible Reimbursement Summary 

Wellness Screening Form - for New Hires

Phone: 1-800-CIGNA24


Cigna provides access to two telehealth services as part of your medical plan - Amwell and MDLIVE.

This benefit enables employees and their dependents enrolled in the District Health Insurance access to physicians by phone or email without going to the doctors office, 24/7/365.

Use when you or your covered dependents have symptoms of: cold/flu; bronchitis; respiratory infections; allergies; headaches/migraines; urinary tract infections; sinus infections; stomach/diarrhea; prescription refills... and many other conditions.


Contact: amwell

Phone:  855-667-9722

Contact: MDLIVE

Phone:  888-726-3171

Amwell and MDLIVE are only availble for medical visits. For covered services related to mental health and substance abuse, you have access to the Cigna Behavioral Health network of providers. 

Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

Life Insurance provides financial security for the people who depend on you. Your beneficiaries will receive a lump sum payment if you die while employed by SSD. The District provides basic life insurance of $20,000 at no cost regardless of whether or not you participate in the medical plans offered by SSD. 

Accidental Death and Dismemberment  (AD& D) insurance provides payment to you or your beneficiaries if you lose a limb or die in an accident. SSD provides AD&D coverage of $20,000 at no cost to you. This coverage is in addition to your district-paid life insurance described above. 

Cigna Accidental Injury Insurance
Cigna offers Accidental Injury Insurance to pay you, or whoever you designate, for treatments or injuries resulting from a covered accident. It can help you pay for expenses such as rehabilitation, transportation, child care, travel, or other out of pocket expenses. Coverage continues after your first covered accident and can help provide protection for future covered accidents. 


To learn ore about Cigna Accidental Injury Insurance call 1.800.754.3207

Cigna Hospital Care Insurance
Cigna offers Hospital Care Insurance to help you pay for a covered hospital stay. With Cigna Hospital Care Insurance, you receive a check for a qualified hospitalization resulting from a covered injury or illness. There are no copays, deductibles, coinsurance, or network requirements.  


To learn more about Cigna Hospital Care Insurance call 1.800.754.3207

Cigna Critical Illness Insurance
Cigna offers Critical Illness Insurance to help provide you and your family with additional financial protection that you may need for expenses associated with an unexpected covered critical illness. Cigna Critical Illness Insurance pays you, or whoever you designate, a lump-sum benefit for diagnosis of a covered critical illness or specified event like a heart attack or stroke.  


To learn more about Cigna Critical Illness Insurance call 1.800.754.3207

Cigna Disability Insurance
Cigna offers Disability Insurance to help pay a portion of your paycheck if you become disabled and can't work for a period of time due to a covered illness or injury. With disability insurance, you'll recieve a percentage of your salary for a specified period of time after you meet any applicable waiting periods. 


To learn more about Cigna Disability Insurance call 1.800.754.3207

Trustmark Universal Life Insurance with Long-Term Care Benefit
 Trustmark Universal offers Life Insurance with additional Long-Term Care Benefits to help protect your loved ones after a loss. Universal Life insurance can mean those left behind can still pursue their own dreams, and help ensure that the ending of one story won't stop the beginning of another. 


To learn more about Trustmark Universal Life Insurance contact Hanna Waugh at or 970-368-1016


We're proud to introduce a new employee benefit program called Kashable. Kashable offers low-cost loans via an online application with quick decisions and funds deposited directly into your bank account within 3 business days from approval. These personal loans can be used for any purpose, and are a great resource for those looking to tackle high-interest debt or unexpected expenses during financial hardships. 

Click here to view the Kashable brochure. 

Learn more at 

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

Most pet owners know how important their furry friends are to their family. There are many reasons today why more pet parents are choosing to cover their pets with ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. Most of all, they want to make sure they'll have financial support if their pet is sick or hurt. That way, they can give their pets the best care possible without worrying about the cost.  

Click here to view the ASPCA Insurance brochure. 

Contact/Enroll: or 1.877.343.5314 

Priority Code: EB19SUMMIT

Identity Guard with Watson
Help protect yourself with the most powerful, comprehensive identity theft protection available today. Identity Guard combines the best of traditional identity theft monitoring solutions, with the powerful processing of IBM Watson technology. We are constantly scanning billions of online sources to assess your risk and suggest ways to reduce your exposure. 

To learn more go to

PERA Enrollment Form - To sign up for PERA Retirement Plan
401k Employee Enrollment Form
PERA Website:

403(b) PLANS
New Information Coming Soon! 
Individuals can save up to $18,500 a year through a 403(b) plan as of 2018. The most a taxpayer can contribute as an elective deferral to a 403(b) plan is $18,000 as of 2017, but if you're age 50 or older, you can contribute an additional $6,000 as a "catch-up" contribution.


If you (or your eligible dependents) were covered under the District insurance and have terminated employment or are no longer eligible for benefits you will receive COBRA information from Rocky Mountain Reserve. 


Rocky Mountain Reserve

Direct: 888.827.4479

Office: 888.722.1223 option 2

(The Breckenridge Recreation Center does not offer discounts, but has agreed to give all employees the same rates as Breckenridge residents) *note this offer can be cancelled at any time. 

HIPPA Privacy Rule

Summit Foundation 
The Summit Foundation is the leading organization inspiring people and mobilizing resources to improve and enrich the lives of people in Summit County and neighboring communities of Alma, Fairplay, Kremmling, and Leadville. 

Want to help keep our communities great? Donate today! Reach out to Hanna at to learn more about donating with Summit School District.

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