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Licensed Staff Professional Development
Action Research Model

 Support Staff Professional Development

Summit Foundation Forms
Please go to the Benefits page for Medallion Program Information

Worker's Compensation Forms can be obtained from your Supervisor
W-4 Form
 Exit Survey


Volunteer/Student Teacher Forms:

Volunteers requirements include the following:  

1.  Fill out paperwork - click here to complete Volunteer/Student Teacher Paperwork

2In addition, you will need to be fingerprinted. Please use the link below to schedule your appointment at the Breckenridge Sheriff's Office The fee for fingerprinting is approximately $10-15.

You will need the following information:

Service Code: 25YFY4

Reason for Fingerprinting: Non-Licensed employee- CRS 22-32-109.8 

CBI Account Number: CONCJ 1377 - $39.50

Employer: Summit School District, PO BOX 7, Frisco, CO 80443

All fees (Sheriff's fee and CBI fee) are paid to the Sheriff's Office (Check, Money Order, or Card only). In addition, do not forget to have your photo ID with you. As soon as you get your receipt (proof of being fingerprinted), please email it to your Human Resources/District representative. 

New Hire Forms for Supervisors:

Benefits forms are found on the Human Resources Benefits page

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