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Continued Distanced Learning
SSD has worked diligently to provide learning opportunities and support for all of our students and will continue to provide distanced learning and services throughout the dismissal on scheduled school days. Since the dismissals were enacted, schools have been providing an array of engagement opportunities through SHS TV, Google Classrooms, office hours, individual check-ins, and online connections with classmates, thanks to the One2World initiative. Our families are supporting education at home, our teachers are educating their students and their own children, and our counselors and mental health staff are checking in on our school community trying to make sure students and staff still feel connected while we are apart.

Even though distanced learning will continue for the remainder of the school year, we want to reassure families that principals, central office staff, and teachers have been proactively working to extend educational plans to ensure students continue to receive a world-class education all school year.

Parents & Guardians

about 1 month ago

Summit School District is committed to continuing essential services for students during the extended dismissal, including learning opportunities, meal program, and support services. Please see the Continuity of Student Services Plan (En Español) for more information. 

Parents and guardians have a role in supporting student learning when the classroom has been redesigned for distanced learning outside the walls of the school. Students need parents and guardians to help support meaningful engagement in learning through virtual means.

Communicate with your child to deepen learning and dedicate time to educational, distanced learning. 
  • Encourage your child to complete learning activities and opportunities that will be sent by their teachers at regular intervals. 
  • Encourage your child to check their email regularly for updates and teacher communications. 
  • Encourage your child to be in constant contact with their teacher via methods communicated by their teachers.

Create Learning Schedule and Space

Distanced learning is successful when students have a routine to follow and a space in which to work and learn.  

As you consider how to support your child's online learning, be clear about the availability of learning opportunities and activities. If you're not sure, have your child contact their teacher. 

Develop a plan and schedule for your child to complete learning activities. Once you have an idea about daily time commitments, plan a schedule for your child to follow and try to stick to a daily routine. Remember to schedule meals and physical activity.

In addition developing a daily learning schedule, it is important to identify an at-home learning space. A dedicated learning space for distanced learning should ideally be located in a shared area of your home to allow parents and guardians to readily support learning.


  • Monday, March 16 and Tuesday, March 17 - Students will not be expected to engage online. These two days are devoted to helping teachers set up their online learning spaces for their classes.
  • Wednesday, March 18 - Teachers should be sending regular learning opportunities starting this day.
  • No instruction or tech support will be provided during March Break and Spring Break. (School Year Calendar)


about 1 month ago

Students will participate in meaningful engagement through virtual means.

SSD Educators are providing ways for students to participate in learning beyond the classroom. Students will have the opportunity to engage in learning activities online from home using district-provided tech to every student through our One2World program.

How to prepare for distanced learning

  • Make sure your Chromebook is working properly. If you need support,  please email or call 970-368-1888
  • Set up a place at home to focus on learning.
  • Check your email regularly for updates and teacher communications.
  • Download learning activities if you will be away from internet access. 
     (Don't have access to internet? See the Technology Page for more information)
  • Know and Get familiar with learning websites, logins and passwords.
  • If you forgot your SummitK12 Google password, please email or call 970-368-1888.
  • Know how to contact your teacher or school from home.

What can students expect?

  • Students can expect communication from your school concerning your school’s learning plan, as communicated by your school and/or teacher.
  • Students can expect that teachers will share learning activities and opportunities with them on a regular basis, as communicated by your teacher or school.
  • Students can expect to communicate with their teacher via email, google classroom, or phone call.
  • Students can expect to reach their teacher via the best contact methods, as communicated by your teacher.


  • Monday, March 16 and Tuesday, March 17 - Students will not be expected to engage online. These two days are devoted to helping teachers set up their online learning spaces for their classes.
  • Wednesday, March 18 - Schools will be organized online to support student learning. Learning Opportunities will be provided to students on a regular basis per your school-specific learning plan and schedule, communicated by your school and/or teacher.
  • No instruction or tech help will be provided during March Break and Spring Break. (School Year Calendar)

SSD Learning Opportunities
Summit School District educators have reinvented their classrooms to educate, elevate, and empower students to own their learning with real-world, inquiry-based, authentic curriculum to foster his/her unique academic, vocational, and personal strengths.
Through the use of the One2World initiative and online learning tools, teachers can engage students beyond the walls of the traditional classroom and into the world. Every day, teachers are empowering and inspiring our children to achieve their greatest potential and to meet the expectations of the future.