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No Meals Served from 6/30-7/6

Student & Family Meal Pick-Up Program

4 months ago

Continuity of Meal Programs

 SSD is committed to providing nutritious and FREE meals for all students and families during this extended dismissal.

Boxed breakfast and lunches will be available for pick-up at several locations around the county. Families can pick up these free meals from Monday through Friday according to the schedule on this page.

Help us keep everyone healthy and safe

The safety of our students and staff is our highest priority. SSD staff is following strict disinfecting and social-distancing protocols, and we need your help to continue to offer this program by keeping everyone healthy and safe. Please remember your safety and the safety of our community when picking up meals and follow the guidelines below to keep everyone healthy.

  • Remember to maintain a six-foot distance between individuals.

  • Please send one person to limit the number of people at pick-up sites.

  • Please don’t send someone who is sick to pick up meals.

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