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headshot of tony byrd

Dr. Tony Byrd, Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Byrd is entering his 30th year in public education.  He launched his career as a bilingual 6th grade teacher in Pasadena, California with Teach For America.  he earned two master's degrees from Stanford and his doctoral degree from the University of Washington.  He was a principal for nine years in CA and WA, an assistant superintendent of the Edmonds School District (20,000 students) and an associate superintendent of Everett Public Schools (20,000 students).  Prior to coming to Colorado, Dr. Byrd was the Executive Director of Teach For America in Washington and was teaching aspiring principals at the University of Washington.  He is the proud father of Kylie (22) and Taylor (20) and has been married to Cherry Byrd for 24 years.  





Investing in Academic Excellence with Dr. Tony Byrd

Superintendent Goals for the 2023-24 School Year

Goal 1       

Ensure effective implementation of year three of the strategic plan.

• Use the Coherence Framework from Fullan and Quinn as a structural guide.
• Update the board on strategic plan progress in alignment with the Policy Governance reporting structure and be inclusive of KPIs.
• Design board work study sessions that develop a deeper understanding of the work we are doing within the strategic plan.

Goal 2

Build deeper and more strategic community connections with internal and external constituents of the community.

• Routine meetings with community leaders
• Attend DAC and Finance Committee meetings and ensure feedback loops 
• Modify the student task force to guide the superintendent’s work
• Launch a student alumni task force to guide the superintendent’s work
• Systematically engage with teachers in classrooms, on committees and through ad-hoc opportunities

Goal 3

Build systems and structures that will improve student achievement and growth.

• Present achievement data to the board 
• Schools will implement their UIPs in alignment with the student needs in their school, the district strategic plan and with input from their SACs
• Ensure the development and implementation of professional learning strands for principals and teachers that will help improve student performance
• Collaboratively design (with internal and external partners) wrap-around model that will support student wellness and/or achievement
• Consistently review policies ensure equitable access to opportunities and achievement across the system

map with marker icon

Goal 4

Begin implementing a multi-year plan for land use.

• Work with the Master Planning Committee to ensure a multi-year land use makes steady progress.
• Complete review of student needs in alignment with strategic plan to ensure new facilities align with goals.
• Begin implementation of a multi-year plan to ensure more housing for SSD staff
• Design both short-term and long-term housing options