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Dr. Tony Byrd, Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Tony Byrd brings a wealth of academic and leadership expertise, compassion and insight that will benefit the growth of students, staff and the greater Summit County community. He models the attributes of a lifelong learner and the priorities outlined in our Graduate Profile.


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2022-23 Superintendent Weekly Updates to the BOE

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Superintendent Goals for the 2022-23 School Year

Goal 1       

Ensure effective implementation of year two of the strategic plan.

• Use strategic plan to drive meeting structures across the year - board, central office, school level
• Update the board three times/year on strategic plan progress
• Design board work study sessions that develop deeper understanding of the work we are doing within the strategic plan

Goal 2

Build strong community connections with internal and external constituents who support the work of the District and the community at-large.

• Operationalize 120-day entry plan
• Meet with community leaders identified by the board - with a deep emphasis on Latino community members
• Create student task force to guide the superintendent’s work
• Systematically engage with teachers in classrooms, on committees and through ad-hoc opportunities

Goal 3

Identify and share the current state of student performance in the District and build systems and structures that will improve student achievement. 

• Present achievement data to the board on September 8, 2022
• Schools will implementation of UIPs throughout district in alignment with the student needs in their school
• Develop and implement professional learning strands for principals and teachers that will help ensure improved student performance
• Professional learning for schools to ensure improved student performance
• Collaboratively design (with internal and external partners) wrap-around model that will Design & support student wellness and/or achievement
• Consistently review policies with the board in order to ensure equitable access to opportunities and achievement across the system

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Goal 4

Finalize and begin implementing a multi-year plan for land use. 

• Work with the Master Planning Committee to ensure a multi-year land use plan is completed.
• Research and visit comparable districts for ideas on how to use land.
• Complete review of student needs in alignment with strategic plan to ensure new facilities align with goals. Align student needs with new facility development


Goal 5

Build, finalize and begin implementing a multi-year staff housing plan.

• Visit surrounding mountain district (e.g.  Eagle School District, Roaring Fork, Aspen School District) to determine how they completed their housing work and key lessons learned
• Complete housing needs-assessment.
• Explore partnerships with local entities (e.g. Colorado Mountain College and local governments)
• Design both short-term and long-term housing options.