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Shaping Tomorrow: Summit School District's Pledge to Student Success
Tony Byrd

As we move into 2024, I want to re-center us all on the dynamic vision, focus and efforts across Summit Schools. Moving into my second year with SSD, we are taking bold steps toward a future where every student in our district is aware of and can benefit from rigorous learning environments and diverse pathways to personal and academic success and bright futures for all. 

Embracing Academic Rigor in Every Classroom

In our pursuit of academic excellence, we understand that rigor is not just a buzzword; it's a commitment to challenging each student to stretch their potential. It's about fostering an environment where high expectations are the norm and support is abundant. We see the brilliance in every student, and it's our responsibility to cultivate it.

Professional Development: The Backbone of Our Educators

We recognize that the strength of our students begins with the strength of our educators. That's why we're diving deep into professional development, focusing on best first instruction and empowering our teachers to become leaders. By enhancing our instructional practices, we are not just teaching; we are inspiring.

Innovative Instructional Rounds: A Collaborative Approach

I'm particularly excited about our Instructional Rounds model. This approach brings me, alongside our dedicated principals and administrators, directly into the classrooms. It's not just oversight; it's active participation and collaboration, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and shared learning.

Pathways of Passion: Aligning Interests with Academics

The heart of direction lies in developing pathways that align with our students' passions and the ability to earn a meaningful living wage. Be it through advanced placement courses, career and technical education, or dual language programs, we are committed to providing diverse, engaging, and relevant learning experiences. These pathways are not just about preparing students for the future but about igniting their interests and aspirations.

A Vision for the Future: Prepared Thinkers and Doers

As your superintendent, parent, lifelong educator, and member of this vibrant community, I share the collective dream of seeing our students succeed and excel globally. They are not just the future of Summit School District; they are the future of our world. Prepared, curious, courageous, and growth-oriented are not just attributes but promises we make to each student.

Join Us on This Journey

 I invite you to join us in this exciting venture. Your feedback, support, and involvement are crucial in shaping the future of our district. Let's work together to create a learning environment that is about academic success and nurturing leaders who will shape our tomorrow.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in Summit School District. Together, we are building a future that is bright and inspiring.

Dr. Tony Byrd
Superintendent, Summit School District