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SMS After School Activity Routes are:
1. For SMS students ONLY! It is for SMS Academic and/or SMS sport participant activities that are sponsored by SMS.
2. SMS students must obey all bus rules.
3. SMS students must obey driver at all times.
4. Activity route does not follow the full Student Safe Rider program. If rules are not followed, parents will receive one courtesy call as Activity routes are a Zero Tolerance procedure. For example; if your student is caught not following bus rules, they will lose their privilege to ride for the remainder of the school year. Communication is sent home to parents in these circumstances.
5. If a SMS student leaves the middle school campus, they will not be able to ride on Activity Route bus.
6. Student must have their hand stamped by a responsible SMS adult staff member daily. If a student approaches the bus without hand stamp, they will not be able to ride the bus.


about 1 month ago

To check on the status of school for delays or closures,  please call the transportation information hotline.  970-368-1777.

Transportation Department Contact Info.  

Lisa Casey - Transportation Director

Becky Baylor - Driver Trainer

Pete McDonnell
Equipment Mechanic II

Darin Farris
Equipment Mechanic I

Offices/Bus Barn Location:

103 School Road, 

POB 7, Frisco, CO 80443 


Bus Information

about 1 month ago

Summit School District will use as our official time reference. Radio stations also utilize a global time system and are good resources to set your home clocks if you do not have access to the internet.

It is required that students riding the bus arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled bus stop time, to allow for slight variances in clocks.

In the morning, the bus will not leave a stop before the scheduled time. Once it arrives at the stop, and the door closes, it will not stop a second time.  PLEASE do not chase after a school bus, as
this is a huge safety concern.

The afternoon drop off times are only approximate and if there are no riders for a stop, the bus will not stop there. Parents picking up their child at a bus stop are required to arrive at least 10 minutes before the scheduled drop off time. Children, particularly the younger ones, will not be released from the bus if the driver feels there is a safety concern. At that time, the child will be taken back to his or her school.  Please remember buses are allowed to stop only at designated bus stops.
It is our policy that all Pre-K students are met by a parent or an authorized adult who is 18 or older. Kindergarten students must be met by a parent, authorized adult or older sibling (caregiving ability) at the bus stop. If the party is not at the bus stop prior to the bus arriving, your student will be returned to the school.

You must submit to the student's school as well as the Transportation Department three (3) names and their phone numbers of members approved to pick up the student. If a Kindergartner is walking with sibling(s) a Kindergarten waiver form must be filled out and signed by the parent and returned to the student's school as well as the Transportation Department, before the student is allowed to walk home with their sibling. 

In the case of inclement weather, the decision for a 2-hour delay or school cancellation will be made by 6:00 am. Please be patient with our school bus drivers and bus stop arrival times.
For notification of school delays and cancellations, parents are encouraged to join the Summit County Alert Network.  You may also listen to the local radio stations or call the Transportation Information Line at 970-368-1777.