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Going Green

Environmental Stewardship Policy

In January 2010 the Board of Education adopted the Environmental Stewardship Policy focusing on cost-effective steps to help our district become more environmentally sustainable to improve our education, our environment, and our financial bottom line. In September 2011 the District committed to the Sustainability Management Plan. 

Thank you to our community partners: High Country Conservation Center, Vail ECHO, and Summit County Resource Allocation Park

“Thank you to the children of this community, (They) have consistently come to the council and reminded us of our responsibility to take care of the earth so the snow keeps falling here. ... I thank you for your public service in reminding us to do what's right even when it's hard.” -Breckenridge Councilwoman Jen McAtamney (Summit Daily News "Breckenridge to levy 10-cent bag fee" April 10, 2013)

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