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Summit School District...

...nestled in the heart of the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains, provides excellence in public education to families in the diverse resort communities of Breckenridge, Dillon, Frisco and Silverthorne. Serving more than 3,500 students, it is our vision for Summit School District students, staff and community members to work together in an atmosphere of care and respect to offer each student an array of educational programs designed to foster his/her unique academic, vocational, and personal strengths.Our aim is to develop internationally minded people who help to create a better world.  We believe in open communication with our stakeholders and appreciate community input. 

Involving our parents and community members in our schools is one strategy we have selected to support our student's development.  We encourage all Summit County citizens to be involved in our schools in some way from volunteer opportunities in each school to serving on the Summit School District Board of Education.

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